Helping you Support Your Local Engineers

Tell us about your appliance issues and we'll get an engineer there to fix it.

About the Company

Hello, I'm Barry from Local Appliance Repair Specialists. With nearly five decades of engineering expertise, I've shifted gears to offer you exceptional service for all your domestic appliance repair needs. Whether it's your washing machine or your oven, I've got you covered. Feel free to reach out through various channels like phone, email, text, or WhatsApp — I'm available whenever you need me.

Why Choose Us?

Are you tired of dealing with hidden fees and slow customer service? We're here to change that. Our soon-to-be-released platform promises to redefine the service experience. We're committed to total transparency, providing a detailed pricing structure that leaves no room for surprises. Yes, that includes VAT if it's applicable.

How It Works

So, you've decided you need a repair. What happens next? As soon as we receive your confirmation, we hit the ground running. We'll send you information on the first available service provider who can handle your request. That company will then reach out to you directly to set up an appointment, streamlining the entire process and eliminating the cumbersome back-and-forths that you may be used to.

About the Team

Our team is made up of experienced engineers who have worked in the industry for many years. We're all passionate about providing the best service possible, and we're excited to work with you.